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RELX is your online resource for advanced E-Zigaretten as well as next generation vaping devices. We use the most advanced production techniques and present you with ingenious devices. RELX Pods combine fashionable modern layouts with cutting-edge innovations to bring you the most effective vapour cigarettes and vape pens online.

In any case, the e-liquid is sufficient to hold about 650 pulls. How quickly or how sluggishly you finish each pod depends entirely on your daily smoking practices and how much vapour you take in with each puff. Compared to a regular burning cigarette (8-10 puffs), you definitely triumph with nicotine salts!

Our vape pens are built to last! Robust and durable RELX tool that is typically and also safely used. You only need to change it when the usual battery life wears off, which is usually around 2-3 years.

We currently offer pods with a nicotine concentration level of 0-5%. As a company focused on helping people around the world make a change to many healthier alternatives, we support consumers who are happy to reduce their nicotine consumption. Given that nicotine is a stimulant that triggers the brain’s reward wiring, it is perfectly normal for consumers who are used to a higher concentration to find using lower percentage nicotine-only pods less enjoyable at first.

All RELX Pods solutions use pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol to support the vegetable glycerin and cigarette oil emulsion. RELX’s propylene glycol providers meet US Pharmacopeia requirements and specifications, ensuring consumer safety.

Our e-liquid delivers nicotine without the normal amount of additives, chemicals and toxins discovered in normal cigarettes, significantly reducing the wellness threats posed by standard tobacco products.

Each starter kit contains a RELX Vape Pen in the colour of your choice, a like-new e-liquid pod, a USB charging cable and an instruction manual.

Most current research documenting the short-term effects of taking e-cigarettes shows that e-cigarettes are dramatically less harmful than traditional cigarettes and reduce the effects of second-hand smoke by about 95%. These aids reduce health threats not only to you, but to those around you!

All our e-liquids are made by our chemists and thoroughly combined to create a real experience with a fresh touch. The main element of RELX’s e-liquids is vegetable glycerine – a slightly sweet material that is much less carcinogenic than tar and other chemicals and by-products often found in regular cigarettes. There may be a preliminary period of change as your palate adjusts to the mild preference. However, you were confident that this is anything but undesirable.

In Germany, the law does not prohibit indoor smoking in public places or in the workplace. The law does not extend to e-cigarettes, so organisations should formulate their own guidelines for the use of e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes in their premises. However, in Germany, most trains, airports and public transport prohibit the use of e-cigarettes.

However, the rules and regulations in different places may vary. It is best not to use e-cigarettes in crowded public places such as restaurants. Before using the vape pen in a private place, check if they have any objections before starting. Please do not smoke around children or animals.

Follow these simple rules of etiquette and understand the people around you. There will be no problems if you vape indoors.